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Sexy Hair Root Pump Spray Mousse 1.5 oz, (pack of 2) Travel Special!


If you are tired of fine, limp hair, then the Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Mousse is just what you need. The mousse is formulated to add volume and fullness to your fine hair while moisturizing and strengthening it. The mousse provides excellent hold that lasts the entire day without you having to worry about humidity.

$ 17.99
Sexy Hair Hard Up Holding Gel 16.9 oz (Pack of 2 ) SPECIAL!


Style Sexy Hair Hard Up Holding Gel 16.9 oz 

High-performance gel that won't flake. Get maximum hold and all-day shine. Holds all hair types. On wet hair you can achieve a sculpted, spiked, sleek or refined look, on dry hair it allows for a messy tousled look. 

$ 44.99
Sexy Hair Hard Up Holding Gel 16.9oz (Pack of 2)

Product Description

  • Strong holding gel for all hair type
  • Provides an all-day finish
  • Holds style, No flaking
  • Shine: 9 Hold: 10
  • Size: 2x 500ml / 16.9fl.oz
$ 45.99 $ 49.99
Redken Men's Maneuver Working Wax 3.4oz (Pack of 2) Limited!

Product Description

Redken For Men Maneuver Working Wax transfers the control over your hair back to you and lets you manage your hair easily. You can now try different styles for your hair. This working wax allows medium control and definition for a clean moldable texture.

  • Provides medium control
  • Moldable texture
  • Lightweight formula

Redken For Men Maneuver Working Wax is easy to use and suitable for all hair types. The medium hold wax gives your hair a long-lasting sleek look and gives you the flexibility to try new hairstyles every day.

$ 69.99
Redken One United All-in-One Multi Benefit Hair Treatment 5oz (pack of 2)

Redken One United for all hair types and textures is a multi-benefit, all-in-one treatment offering 25 benefits that increase manageability, protection and beauty of your hair. Sulfate-free, paraben-free, and no heavy waxes for lightweight, instant results. For every hair type and texture.


  • Conditions
  • Nourishes
  • Improves manageability
  • Helps even porous hair
  • Reduces dryness
  • Detangles
  • Helps strengthen
  • Ideal cutting lotion


  • Primes hair for styling
  • Helps prevent breaking from brushing
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • Helps prevent heat damage
  • Helps prevent split ends
  • Helps seal in hair cuticle
  • Safe for ombre hair
  • Helps shield vs. external aggressors


  • Gives a silky touch
  • Adds smoothness
  • Adds shine
  • Helps control frizz
  • Anti-static
  • Controls fly-aways
  • Makes blow-dry easier
  • Style refresher
  • Lightweight results
    $ 42.99
    Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner for Medium Hair 33.8oz (Pack of 2)
    • It provides thorough cleansing and deep conditioning to restore smoothness and manageability for increased shine and suppleness. 
    • Suitable for daily use or in between traditional shampooing. 
    • Suitable for color-treated hair.
    $ 51.99 $ 79.99
    Monde Reve-Angel Wash Facial Foam Cleanser 125g / 0.275lb (pack of 2)


    Monde Reve-Angel Wash Facial Foam Cleanser 125g / 0.275lb (pack of 2)

    Generally, most cosmetic products contain water, alcohol, and oil, and chemical additives to mix them together. Monde Reve products do not contain any harmful chemical substances, making it possible for skin to breathe.The Monde Reve Angel Series consist of subacid facial cleanser to deep cleanse wastes from ores and neutralize skin with mist, for the maintenance of optimal pH balance. By creating skin’s barriers through essence, the ideal natural pure cosmetics products help recover skin’s restorative power.We confidently recommend the healing cosmetics Monde Reve Angel Series. Made in Korea

    $ 35.99 $ 39.99
    L'Oreal Oreor Crème 20 Volume Developer 16oz (pack of 2)

     L'Oreal Oreor 20 Volume Creme Developer mixes easily with chosen haircolor to provide desired tone or shade when lightening up to 2 levels. Assured consistent, uniform color and bleach results. A Thick, rich mixture consistency for easier application. Product stays where applied. Guaranteed freshness because it's fully stabilized.

    $ 17.99


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